Basketball Training


High-Quality Basketball Training and Coaching

Are you looking for high-quality basketball training services? At 1 on 1 Training Pros we are dedicated to being the best in training.

We want to help you sharpen your skills and techniques. Contact us for the best in basketball, soccer and baseball training. We are also available for personal training.

Basketball Technique / Skills Training and Coaching

  • Ball handing
  • Rebound
  • Handling / Attacking the rim
  • Pick and roll

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Individual Basketball Position Training and Coaching

  • Guard
    • Point guard
    • Shooting guard
  • Forward
    • Small forward
    • Power forward
  • Center

Professional Training

When you want to sharpen your skills, you will want to have the best in professional training.
Our basketball trainer was a pro in other countries. You can count on high-quality from a certified trainer with prior professional experience